Lions Club of Ballarat Inc.

District 201 V1-4 Victoria Australia

About Us

Lions logoLions Clubs are part of community life, in the cities and in the country. Clubs are easily identified by their distinctive Logo, the trademark of our International Association, and the 'We Serve'; motto. 

Lions Australia is part of an international association, filled with people who are joined by the common desire to make their communities better, by using their creativity, enthusiasm and energy.

Membership is open to all people of the community in good standing.

We invite you to listen to some short audio messages about Lions Clubs. 

45 second audio - Help Us Support Medical Research

45 second audio - Lions Clubs help in Disaster Relief

Here is brief 30 second video about Lions Clubs in Australia.

Lions Clubs Australia


Date of Formation


November 17th 1960

Date of Charter January 23rd 1961
Chartered by Lions Club of Footscray
Members at Charter           20

Clubs Chartered         

Beaufort April 1968
Maryborough October 1970
Wendouree February 1971
Sebastopl July 19







1961-62 Ian McVilly Reg Wiltshire

Don Sheety


Roy Edward

Reg Wiltshire Don Sheety

Jack Carroll

Reg Wiltshire Don Sheety

Jim McKinty

Reg Wiltshire Don Sheety

Reg Wiltshire

Ted Coulson Don Sheety

Jim Prior

Ted Coulson Don Sheety

Mike Colvin

Ted Coulson Don Sheety

Peter Cromie

Ted Coulson Frank Berry

Craig Walker

Ted Coulson Lou Williams

Peter Rice

Ted Coulson Lou Williams
1971-72 Graemre Gurscancy/Bram Walker

Ted Coulson

Lou Williams
1972-73 Bram Walker

Ted Coulson

Lou Williams


John Braybrook Ted Coulson Bill Rudell


Harry Gordon Ted Coulson Bill Rundell


Ron Harvey Ted Coulson Bill Rundell

Brian Cooper

W Brownlee Robert Grubb

Peter Wilson

W Brownlee Robert Grubb
1978-79 Peter Stevens L Barron Robert Grubb
1979-80 Frank Hill P James Robert Grubb
1980-81 Rex Garth D Kearns Robert Grubb
1981-82 Robert Grubb D Kearns Barry Leach
1982-83 Peter Coman Paul James Geoff Harry
1983-84 Bruce Cossins Paul James Geoff Harry
1984-85 Geoff Harry Jim Gannon Geoff Harry
1985-86 Jim Pryor Bruce Thomson Hugh Irons
1986-87 Robert Grubb Bruce Thomson Brian Mason
1987-88 Jim Gannon Bruce Thomson Geoff Harry
1988-89 Gary Tolliday Ross Whitefield Geoff Harry
1989-90 John Gibcus Brian Giersch Terry Rodoni
1990-91 Bruce Thomson Ray Thomas Gary Treloar
1991-92 David Anderson Ray Thomas Gary Treloar
1992-93 Jim Pryor Ray Thomas Terry Rodoni
1993-94 Mike Colvin Ray Thomas Terry Rodoni
1994-95 Terry Rodoni Ray Thomas Bruce Cossins
1995-96 Gary Tolliday Ray Thomas Bruce Cossins
1996-97 Angelo Christophi Ray Thomas Bruce Cossins
1997-98 Ray Barber Ray Thomas Bruce Cossins
1998-99 Geoff Davey Ray Thomas Greg Armstrong
1999-2000 Scott Sherwell Ray Thomas Greg Armstrong
2000-2001 Ray Thomas Gary Tolliday Greg Armstrong
2001-2002 Gill Hills Robert Grubb Greg Armstrong
2002-2003 Jock Lardner Robert Grubb Greg Armstrong
2003-2004 Terry Rodoni/Gill Hills Robert Grubb Greg Armstrong
2004-2005 Adrian Doyle Robert Grubb Greg Armstrong
2005-2006 Larry Hilder Robert Grubb Greg Armstrong
2006-2007 Bruce Thomson Robert Grubb Greg Armstrong
2007-2008 Trevor Petrie Robert Grubb Greg Armstrong
2008-2009 Ray Barber Robert Grubb Greg Armstrong
2009-2010 Angelo Christophi Robert Grubb Greg Armstrong
2010-2011 Bruce Cossins Robert Grubb Greg Armstrong
2011-2012 Jock Lardner Robert Grubb Greg Armstrong
2012-2013 Trevor Brewer Scott Sherwell Viv Whitefield
2013-2014 Bill Sleep John Thorpe Scott Sherwell
2014 2015 John Gibcus John Thorpe Scott Sherwell